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Solid Block Carbon Filters----Natures Sponges----Natural and Healthy
Products (23):
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CB6 Replacement Filter for Aquaversa (MP750 & MP1200) - 69.95
Replacement Filters
MP750SI Multipure Aquaversa Basic Unit (Inline) - 359.95
Below-The-Sink Kit With In-Line Connector This model is designed to be connected inline with other existing hardware
AQSF Aquashower Replacement Filter - 26.95
Replacement Filters
AQSH Aquashower - Shower Unit - 55.95
Scientists Consider Chlorine One of the Most Toxic Elements Found in Nature....
AQSOURCE2 Multipure Aquasource (Whole House with 3 CB20 Filters) - 1699.95
AQSOURCELSI2 Multipure Aquasource (Whole House with 3 CB20LSI Filters) - 1759.95
Multipure Aquasource w/ Limescale Reduction This model includes the CB20LSI Filters that help reduce Limescale.
AQUAMINI1 Multipure Aquamini (Countertop) - 169.95
CB11As Replacement Filter for Aquaperform (MP880) - 124.95
Replacement Filters
CB5 Replacement Filter for Model MP400PC/MP400PCE - 59.95
Replacement Filters
CB6AD Aquadome Replacement Filter - 69.95
This solid carbon block filter is used with the Aquadome countertop unit.
CB6MINI Aquamini Replacement Filter - 44.95
MP1200EL Multipure Aquaversa with Capacity Monitor - 509.95
Below the Sink with Capacity-Metered Faucet
MP750PlusRO Multipure AquaRO (Reverse Osmosis System) - 579.95
advanced solid carbon block filter with reverse-osmosis filter technology,
MP750SB Multipure Aquaversa Below Sink System - 429.95
MP750SC Multipure Aquaversa Countertop System - 399.95
Removes 85 contaminants
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