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Nature Rich Mineral Neutralizer (20 fl oz)...$28.60 plus Shipping and Tax w/PayPal Secure Ordering
Have a healthier body and mind by removing damaging toxins in your body and neutralizing the yeast acids in your stomach. NatureRich Mineral Neutralizer will help your immune system be more effective in its fight against free-radicals; the way God originally intended. And since your body will be running more efficiently, regular use of the neutralizer may also promote healthy weight loss. Many testimonies report just adding drops of NatureRich Mineral Neutralizer to your drinking water helps to make your water safer to drink and will wash bacteria and toxins out of the bloodstream like an internal detergent. Natural Ingredients: Electrically Engineered Stabilized Oxygenated Water, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Lecithin (Sunflower) Buy Now on Secure Ordering with PayPal*****Order more then one bottle and BHawkIndustries will refund the difference in shipping to your PayPal account.*****


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(20 fl oz) Bottle