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Nature Rich Mineral Moisturizing Soap, 20 oz Bottle...$28.60 plus Shipping and Tax w/PayPal Secure Ordering
The same Mineral Soap formula with moisturizer added especially for dry skin and hair. Gently washes away dirt and impurities leaving skin fresh and clean. NO animal fats, alcohols or petroleum products are used in this soap or any of our products. Cold pressed avocado, almond, olive and coconut oils, as well as Vitamin E are added to this soap to help moisturize those extra dry spots. NATURAL INGREDIENTS: ELECTRICALLY ENGINEERED STABILIZED OXYGENATED WATER, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE, SODIUM COCO-SULFATE, VEGETABLE GUMS, COCONUT OIL (ORGANIC), SHEA BUTTER, GLYCERYL STEARATE CITRATE (A NATURAL VEGETABLE-BASED EMULSIFIER), POTASSIUM, CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, ALOE VERA OIL, OLIVE OIL, SODIUMHYDROXYMETHYLGLYCINATE (A NATURAL PRESERVATIVE), AVOCADO OIL, D-ALPHA TOCOPHEROL (VITAMIN E), CHLOROPHYLL, NATURAL FRAGRANCE, APRICOT OIL, NATURAL ROSEMARY EXTRACT . Buy Now on Secure Ordering with PayPal*****Order more then one bottle and BHawkIndustries will refund the difference in shipping to your PayPal account.*****


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20 oz Bottle