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Now Offering a FREE 14-Day Trial!

Corporate Benefits For The People 
Cell Phone Discount  Works With 96% Of  US Carriers!  
How We Made A Corporate Benefits Program Available To Everyone, And Turned It Into A The Worlds Best Membership Program Almost Overnight... 
Hey, my name is David, the founder of ZoomBenefits, and I recently read a case study from Gartner Research, showing how much large corporations spend on their employee's to shower incentives, benefits and other perk on their employees and I was kind of disgusted. 
Don't get me wrong, businesses should be able to operate as they please  but what about the rest of  us who don't work  for a mega corporation? 
Well, on almost a total whim, I decided to try something crazy - and within 2 weeks, this company was born. 
And now we're the fastest growing membership company in the US... 
While I thought  we'd be able to offer   all the same incentives and benefits to regular people, I had know idea how fast we'd grow or how many businesses around the country would sign on to offer perks to our members. 
Cell Phone Discount: Almost overnight we were able to secure deals with all the major phone carriers to offer discounts to our members 
Here's the story. But feel free to skip  it if you  just want to become a member... 
Saving money on things we already buy has to be the 8th wonder of the world. It's literally FREE MONEY! 
And since I knew no one in the world turns down free money I decided to make that type of perk my focus first...but how? 
Well, don't worry about how...the point is I succeeded! :) 
As of earlier this year, we can now offer savings of up to 25% on your existing cell phone bill. And since we work with 96% of US carriers (Yes, that means the four big ones) almost  all of our members are saving huge amounts of money each month. 
After I had locked in the cell phone discount I figured out how to connect with over 150,000 businesses across the US to offer perks like FREE FOOD and appetizers, FREE AND DISCOUNTED SERVICES, and huge discounts on the most popular products available. 
But what actually some time was building a single place for our members to take advantage of all the perks we'd lined up! 
And that's when we held a suedo Hack-a-thon and built a custom app available to all members. 
With the app members can search for deals and freebies near them with a single tap. 
All the perks are geo-located for you! 
"Free appetizers are kind of the norm for my family now thanks to the app" 
Boom - I'm pretty sure you'll love the app just as much as the cell phone discount. 
But what else do you offer? 
Great question. 
Normally don't employee's get free or discounted health insurance? Auto Insurance? Things like that? 
Well, our membership has that too. And it's incredible. Members who use our insurance program alone are saving between $200 and $900 PER MONTH for health care versus what they were paying previously with Obamacare. 
Lol, Affordable Health Care Act. 
"I'm literally saving over $700 every single freaking month. I never thought this would be so life changing for us" 
The average member saves a freak ton. Yes, a freak ton of money. 
In some cases, $700 is totally the norm. In others, it's more like $100/month. It basically comes down much money do you spend? 
The more you expenses you have the more you'll save. It's kind of magic. 
Or the 8th wonder of the world, right? 
  • Cell phone discount savings: Between $20 and $75 per month 
  • App Savings: Between $25 and $200 per month 
  • Insurance Savings: INSANE AMOUNTS OF MONEY SAVED. 
  • And more... 
    Lets say you're a normal family...I'll guess and say you're at least paying $900/mo for your health insurance through Obamacare, right? 
    Thought so. 
    Wait, more you say...? 
    That's possible too! Well... 
    How would you like to pay LESS THAN $500 per month for amazing health care through our partner? 
    And that's for an entire family, no matter how many kids you have. 
    Maybe you're too. Want to pay less that $175 per month? Less than $125? Yeah, we'll help there too. 
    Our membership works just like Costco or Sam's Club. 
    You'll pay a small amount of money to us for maintaining the app, the relationships and the business and you get to save WAY MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER PAY US.
    Isn't that awesome! After launching this business I got SO EXCITED! 
    Not only have members been signing up left and right but EVERYONE SAVES WAY MORE THAN THEY WILL EVER PAY. 
    And maybe that's the 9th wonder of the world. 
    Our business can flourish and grow by charging for a service that members absolutely love. It's been incredible to see. 
    Membership 101 
    Our membership is priced exactly right. 
    For $20 per month you will have access to our cell phone discount, the app with over 150,000 freebies and discounts and be able to save HUGE on things like health insurance. 
    You'll never lose money. 
    And we set the price at $20 per month to make sure of that. 
    "If they aren't willing to invest something in themselves, then no matter what we give them, they'll never actually get ahead." 
    Don't let yourself miss out on saving hundreds and thousands every year because you didn't want to invest in yourself for just $20. 
    So, there you are... 
    Get access to this membership program, and start saving huge amounts of money for just $20. 
    Is it worth it? 
    Well, considering everything, it will be the best money you'll spend all year. 
    I think that $20 for what you're getting here is a steal. 
       So, what are you waiting for? Click Here on the Link Check Out ZoomBenefits
    Don't miss out on this amazing deal! 
    Launch your Free Trial membership and get the corporate benefits program for the people $20/mo - LIMITED TIME! 
    P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $20/mo, you're getting the full ZoomBenefits membership including the cell phone discount, app for freebies and deals and huge savings on health/life/auto insurance 

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