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NatureRich Xp3

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Enhancers



EFFICIENT – Disperses water and improves combustion

NatureRich Xp3 is formulated to improve the performance of all kinds of gasoline and diesel fuels • Improves combustion and increases engine power • Reduces fuel consumption • Reduces levels of toxic emissions • Stabilizes light and heavy oils • Has a detergent and antioxidant effect • Reduces corrosion and increases the life of your engine • Totally disperses water in fuel • Improves engine starting and avoids pre-ignition • Improves the stabilization, lubricity and detergency of the fuel • Works with all classes of gasoline and diesel fuel

NatureRich Xp3 is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds. Does not contain any aromatics or naphtha • 100% biodegradable • Improves the pour point • Avoids fuel freezing during winter Why is NatureRich Xp3 valuable to use in your vehicle? Today’s engine fuel delivery systems have extremely close tolerances, which means any deposit buildup will cause increased friction, such as injector chatter and pump cavitations, and results in excessive wear of the fuel system components. This operational problem in the fuel delivery system causes irregular and often incomplete injection of the required amount of fuel. The result is poor combustion, low power, with a corresponding tendency for the driver to downshift the transmission and step on the accelerator to maintain power and speed. Fuel treated with NatureRich Xp3 will eliminate these problems and maximize engine fuel efficiency! Today’s diesel fuel efficiency is affected by the amount of contamination present, the stability characteristics, and the lubrication value of the fuel. While none of these fuel conditions typically are major issues regarding fuel efficiency, each one plays a part in the entire fuel efficiency picture. As the status of these conditions deteriorates (contamination increases, stability decreases, or lubricity value lessens), the fuel efficiency (fuel-economy) will be negatively impacted.

NatureRich Xp3 applies the polarization of the fuel molecules, creating a smoother and more stable fuel. The lubricity added by NatureRich Xp3 to the fuel will resolve the problem of reduced or lack of lubricity of the fuel. NatureRich Xp3 will allow for a better combustion process will reduce the temperature on the combustion chamber and the exhaust fumes temperature.*****

For a video explaining NatureRich Xp3 go to this website: ***************************************

DIRECTIONS: NatureRich Xp3 Gas Enhancer: Add to tank “before” fueling. You may see results almost immediately unless your vehicle has not been serviced for a long time. In such a case you may need to try the Gas Fuel Enhancer a few times before you will notice results.   

Xp3 Gas Fuel Enhancer is available in 4-5 fl oz Gas bottle – treats up to 500 gallons of fuel.
Four-5 FL OZ Bottles


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DIRECTIONS: NatureRich Xp3 Diesel Fuel Enhancer: Add 1 ounce of NatureRich Xp3 Diesel Enhancer to your tank for every 30 gallons of fuel. You may see results almost immediately unless your vehicle has not been serviced for a long time. In such a case you may need to try the Diesel Fuel Enhancer a few times before you will notice results.
Xp3 Diesel Fuel Enhancer is available 4-5 fl oz Diesel bottle – treats up to 624 gallons of fuel.

Four-5 FL OZ Bottles

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