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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.


West Nile Virus, Noni and Hog Days

My wife and I went to Hog Days Carnival in Kewanee, Illinois on Sunday, August 31st and Monday, September 1st, 2008 staying as late as the time mosquitoes would be out and biting.  We both did not think about putting on any type of mosquito deterrent.  It just slipped our minds.  And we did not even think about the importances of avoiding sugar in all forms that day because mosquitoes are attracted to sweet blood.  We also, forgot to double up on our Vitamin B-100.  Vitamin B-100 would have repelled the mosquitoes because of the smell of your blood.  Mosquitoes are capable of smelling your blood right through your skin.  So, we were sitting targets to be bitten that weekend.  So, it was not suprising that my wife came down with mild to severe symptoms of  West Nile Virus ( fever, headache, body aches, nausea and vomiting, tremors, muscle weakness and severe headaches) and I came down with a headache (why so less for me.......I wore long pants socks and closed shoes my wifes calves, ankles and feet were exposed)  My wife got sick Monday night at 11:00pm just 2 hours after she got home from the Carnival.  She stayed out longer then me because she was waiting for a friend that needed a ride home cause he was working the Carnival and was helping in tearing it down.  (That's a whole another story)  My wife was nausea early that evening and had a headache and she thought it was because she had not eatten so she ate and still felt nausea  and that is when she dot extremely hot and started sweating then started getting really cold and had a burning sensation in her chest.  Then, she had our room mate check her forehead and she was extremely hot and when he went to get the thermometer she threw up.  Then, her symptoms went to severe weakness and she could not move her whole body was sore and her legs were sore.  I had our room mate start her on Tahitian Noni.....every 1/2 hour one ounce of Noni with four to six  ounces of filtered is Tuesday afternoon and she has finished one bottle of Noni and her symptoms are no longer nausea or vomiting she can keep her food down but she is still hot and achey and has severe throbbing headache but, she is able to walk around.  She will continue on the Noni dose till her symptoms are gone.....more updates to follow.


West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus Season is here,   Health officials say, children and the elderly and those with weak Immune System our most vulnerable to the virus.    Most people infected with WNV show no symptoms.  Up to 20 percent have mild symptoms including fever, headache, body aches, nausea and vomiting.  These symptoms typically go away after a few days.

Less than 1 percent of those infected experience severe symptoms that range from high fever and neck stiffness to disorientation, coma, tremors, vision loss and paralysis.

If you develop symptoms such as high fever, confusion, muscle weakness and severe headaches, you should see your doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment, which may require hospitalization.


West Nile Virus and Noni and Horses

Below is Testimonials on West Nile Virus Symptoms and Help From Tahitian Noni Juice.

1 liter 33.8 fl. oz

4 horses with West Nile Virus was given Tahitian Noni Juice and recovered.

On August 31, 2002, Babe, a prized 1600 pound Belgium mare horse went down with vet-confirmed West Nile Symptoms. As the day went on she tried to get up without success. By noon her symptoms had progressed to the point of her hind legs being paralyzed. It was a pitiful sight for those watching her futile struggle to get back on her feet. Everyone felt so helpless knowing that normally when a horse is down they have to be destroyed.

When Lois Moe of Bemidji, Minnesota heard of the plight of her son's horse she made arrangements for a bottle of Noni Juice to be taken to his farm right away. He felt he had nothing to lose as he was sure death was only hours away for his beautiful horse. About 7 PM he administered about 4 ounces down a tube into her throat.

To his utter amazement, by 7 AM the next morning, Babe was on her feet and eating and drinking. It was beyond anyone's expectations that she would recover that quickly. Seeing her grazing in the pasture later in the day was a most welcome sight. She is now so energetic that some days it is difficult to corral her to give her the planned maintenance dose of 2 ounces. per day which she gets on her oats!

On September 21, 2002, another female horse which is pregnant went down and again the same miracle resulted in eight hours.

A third horse went down on the 23rd and again the same wonderful outcome. This horse had been vaccinated for West Nile Virus and came down with the symptoms in spite of that.

 September 24th, Lois received a frantic call from the owner of Tequila, a Shetland pony, who was running a fever and its whole body was becoming stiff.  Her owner was so happy to find that 7 hours after getting the Noni Juice Tequila was standing up, and the fever was gone.

All four of these horses are from the rural Bemidji, MN area. All four of them continue to do well on a varying maintenance dose of the juice.

One final note: all four owners are now drinking NONI Juice themselves!

Everyday Lois receives more calls from horse owners who want to know more about this Juice and who want to purchase some for their horses.

From Linda Lawrence (sister of the owner of Babe) and Lois Moe (mother of the owner of Babe)


How Noni Works

Noni Juice helps the immune system stay strong.   It helps adults, children and animals immune systems too.   

Dr. Heinicke in the book Simply Noni goes on to say that traditional healers used various parts of the Noni plant as a purge and a poultice to draw poisons from the body. An interesting story told by Dr. Heinicke, is about puffer fish. Poison from the puffer fish is the most lethal known to man. Dr. Heinicke conducted a clinical study in which he injected ten mice with tetrodotoxin poison from puffer fish and they all died. He injected a control group with xeronine and they did fine. He injected a third group with a combination of xeronine and tetrodotoxin, and not only did they survive a lethal dose of poison, they flourished.

Our body is constantly assaulted by an inexhaustible list of toxic chemicals found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and in the personal care and cleaning products we use. Add to this, exposure to viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are increasingly more deadly, and we have a recipe for premature aging, disease, and death. Noni appears to be a substance that can protect us from these invaders and help us flourish despite them.

 Dr. Heinicke endorses Tahitian Noni Juice,

How to take Noni Juice

According to the Dr. Heinicke, Ph.D. who discovered Noni, he says in his book.....

Since Noni juice is a food, I prefer to think in terms of servings instead of dosages. However, before starting Noni if your taking any medication you may want to consult your health-care professional. In some cases, Noni can maximize medications to work more effectively and your health-care professional may want to adjust dosages.

According to Dr. Ralph Heinicke, Ph.D, because proxeronine (the main ingredient in Noni, that helps your Immune System) is stored in and released by the liver, serving size does not depend on your body weight. Many people feel the positive effects of Noni within days or weeks. Commit to taking Noni for a least six months so that you can give it a fair evaluation.

Dr. Heinicke recommends that Noni be taken one-half hour before breakfast and dinner, although the timing isn't critical. For any acute problem, Dr. Heinicke strongly recommends taking Noni juice in small increments throughout the day. It is generally suggested that you ingest more Noni for the first month, and decrease the serving size thereafter. An adult serving is 2 ounces before breakfast and 2 ounces before dinner. During months two through six, the suggested serving for an adult is 2 ounces before breakfast and 1 ounce before dinner. Month seven and after, suggested maintenance and prevention servings for an adult is one ounce before breakfast and dinner. After the first month, if you feel you are not getting desired benefits, you may want to increase your daily intake of Noni by taking an extra half-ounce serving before lunch. Increase this serving every three or four days by the same amount until you either obtain the results desired or are taking up to a total of 2 ounces before lunch. Children under the age of 16 and pets generally take one half the serving size that an adult takes twice a day for the first month and then one serving a day before breakfast for maintenance and prevention thereafter.

Because Noni is a food taking more than the recommended serving will not hurt.

Noni Don't Be Without It!!!

West Nile Virus can be protected against if you have a strong Immune System.

Tahitian Noni Juice is a rich source of xeronine--an alkaloid used by the body to strengthen and revitalize cells.  Noni Juice has been used by Polynesians for over 2000 years and has been valued by traditional Polynesian healers for its healthful benefits. It targets several systems in the body and actually works at the cellular level. It has been studied by reseachers throughout the world and has been subject to considerable scientific study.  Noni Juice is being used by thousands of people with unbelievable results.



  How to Stay Cancer Free!

What are Doctors saying about Noni?

Noni and West Nile Virus

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1 liter 33.8 fl. oz

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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