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Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands!! 


Wash Your Hands, Already!!

My Uncle (the Doctor), saw sick children all day long. I asked him how he managed to stay healthy in the midst of all these germs.

He said: "I wash my hands" A LOT!

There is a 5 page article on doctors and nurses who don't wash their hands in "Health" Nov / Dec. As a result 1.75 to 3.5 Million patients pick up infections during their hospital stays; perhaps as many as 150,000 die because of those infections.

One study found that few doctors even washed their hands after going to the bathroom.

Hospital infections have risen 36% in the last 20 years.

No wonder preventative Antibiotics are so freely prescribed.

Thus we begins today's diatribe on personal hygiene.

Do you remember how good old mom used to tell you to: "keep your hands away from your face? "Well, mine did. Looking back on it, it was almost as if she was telling me that my hands were dirty; (fancy that!).

New research has discovered that Mom was right!

My hands were dirty, and still are. Even when you try to keep them clean, and wash them often, you have 10 major bacteriological incubation centers on your hands; the areas under and around your fingernails. They are warm, moist, and supplied with new food as you scratch yourself, or pick up things. Even if you don't scratch or pick up things, the skin under your nails is constantly dying and provides an endless source of food.

(You wanted to hear this)

So, visualize these mini Petri dishes on the ends of your fingers teeming with bacteria and/or parasites. You get something in your eye, naturally you scratch/rub don't suppose that some of the bacteria or parasites on your finger tips would jump ship so to speak, and get in your eyes?

Next, visualize you eating your favorite finger food: (no, not only barbecue already see MEAT) ok, so you don't eat gooey toffee, but let's say that you just "taste" your friend's French fries and then you ........... Lick your fingers!

Do you have any idea how fast bacteria can multiply?

Your fingers transport all those bacteria you are raising in your finger tip (Petri dishes) to your mouth, eyes, and other parts of your body. This works people to people to. Ever seen a baby stick its fingers into another baby's mouth? Where had those fingers been previously? In it's diapers?..maybe worse. Ever seen a child licked by a dog, kiss a dog etc? Did you know that dogs are the primary way humans get Guardia and other parasites? Ah, but you "know" that you can't get disease by mouth. Your saliva will kill it. Ever heard of typhoid Mary? Doctors used to propagate the idea that AIDS can't be transmitted orally. They are backing up on that one too now!

How about antibacterial toys, mops and phone guards? They are designed to make money and their health benefits are nil. Major problem is if people imagine these products are self sanitizing, they will stop using soap and water to prevent the spread of germs. Your eyes are precious. Don't infect them with your Petri dish fingertips. When they itch use a Kleenex or all else failing, your shirt sleeve. I suggest that you wash your hands MUCH more frequently, especially after being in public places.

Be conscious of what you do with your hands, and when you shake someone else's hand, remember:

Pin Worms are transmitted by physical contact. Bathroom fixtures are the first thing that sick person ahead of you touched after reaching into a less than sanitary area; (If he or she washed his or her hands). The rest room door handle is the first thing touched by those who don't wash their hands . . . . (about 50%). . . Hold that picture! Men might consider washing their hands BEFORE going into the stall. What if you have something bad on your hands that you picked up from the door handle coming in, where do you want it to go next? So pre-wash, and use the paper towel to open and shut the stall door.

A study was done in Chicago of the contents of restaurant mint bowls. You know the containers of afterdinner sweets that you grab a handful of as you leave. Researchers found them heavily contaminated with urine there is food for thought!

But of course in this age of COVID 19 they are now finally doing what they should of been doing all their lives!!



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