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PhytoZon is incredible! I have been only taking PhytoZon for two months and my Cholesterol is down 200 points and I have cut my blood pressure medication and half! I am also, sleeping better and I have more energy throughout the day. I was in an auto accident that messed up 2 of my disc in my lower back so, I always have low back pain but, not anymore since taking PhytoZon and no more migraines!! I will never quit taking PhytoZon! Thank you BHawkindustries for introducing me to PhytoZon!! David R. Kewanee, Illinois----April 30th 2016



The testimonial of a very good Doctor*****Thomas J. Whittle, M.D.*****and a little bit of Noni from Tahiti.   First in February 2007, I went in to LaGrange Memorial Hospital to discover I was very Anemic with skin poisoning. The doctors there wanted to do more tests but, I refused because I had no Medical Insurance to cover it. Even though I did not know it at the time that I was bleeding internally since February of 2007, I continued to go about my daily activities. Prior to getting married on 7/07/07 I was experiencing terrible gut pain.  I could not sit, stand, eat, sleep, work without excrutiating stomach pain. I was eating TUMS and Rolaids like candy with no help. I also, had skin poisoning and I was white as a ghost. My wife Candice and my family convinced me to go to the emergency room of  St. Mary Medical Center, Galesburg, Illinois., as recommended by a friend and co-worker at the time that St. Mary Medical Center, Galesburg, Illinois was the place to go. I saw Thomas J. Whittle, M.D. at The Galesburg Clinic. Dr. Thomas J. Whittle, convinced me on 7/14/2007 that I needed to get surgery ASAP. My blood count was down to 7.5 near death from 14 which is normal.  Dr. Thomas J. Whittle operated on me the very next day on a Sunday 7/15/2007 on his day off. I believe with the help of GOD he saved my life!! Dr. Thomas J. Whittle, cut me open and stopped my internal bleeding, cutting away a portion of my colon and a portion of my small intestine and took out a 12 inch in diameter soft ball size mass with 6 compacted tumors in it, he took out 14 lymph nodes and they were Cancer free but my Liver has several spots on them that could or could not be Malignant.  So, before the Liver Biopsy I did two days of the Cancer dose of Noni from Tahiti and the Liver Biopsy proved to be Non-Malignant. I did not even need Chemotherapy. Dr. Thomas J. Whittle saved my life!! Thank Jehovah God for Tahitian Noni and Thank you Dr. Thomas J. Whittle!!!   Scott M. Downers Grove, Illinois



Penta Water has change my life!  For many years I have been battling Eczema on my hands.  I have try all types of nutritional products to get rid of the skin disease.  One day I came down with the Flu and decided to drink only Penta Water to get rid of it.  After successfully beating the Flu with Penta Water,  I discovered my Eczema was gone.  Yes GONE!!  Since then, I drink Penta Water all the time and I have no more Eczema.  Thank you Bio-Hydration Research Labs, Inc. for bringing Penta Water to the market place for all of us to benefit from!!  and Thank you Bhawkindustries for introducing me to this wonderful product to me.  Scott M. Willowbrook, Illinois


This stuff is wonderful!!  I lost 10 pounds in June 2005 with my 1st bottle of Hoodia Gordonii and I have kept it off.  I have not changed my diet, I just eat less.  I get fuller faster.  Thanks Bhawkindustries for introducing me to this wonderful product. Candice G.  Willowbrook, Illinois

UPDATE: August 21, 2005  "I am on my 3nd bottle of Hoodia Gordonii and I have lost a total of 25.5 pounds since I have been taking Hoodia Gordonii from Bhawkindustries. This is the first diet supplement that has ever worked for me. Candice G. Willowbrook, Illinois


I will never sleep on another ordinary pillow again. I had real bad whiplash from a auto accident and had major neck and back pain throughout my Chiropractic treatments. Sometimes the only way I could sleep at night was sitting up and even then i hurt. Then a friend told me about the Purity Pillow that it conforms to you head and neck. The first night I slept on it I slept straight through the night without waking up and when I woke up I wasn't stuffed up like I usually was. I through away my old moldy looking pillow and have been using the Purity Pillow ever since. I even ordered another Purity Pillow that I keep in the car when I go on business trips and stay in hotels. Thank you for saving my neck, back, and nose". Scott M. Downers Grove, Illinois.

My son told me about The Purity Pillow because I had a problem of snoring and waking up the next morning all stuffed up. It was like I had a cold every morning when I woke up and I didn't know why. He asked me how long have I had my pillow? I have had my pillow for years never thinking it could build up with molds, bacteria, pollen, fungi, spores and Dust Mites and their waste....uck. I looked at my pillow and it was a gross yellow color and was very heavy. I read in The Purity Pillow brochure that in one year, a pillow will increase in weight up to 25% due to mites, dead mites, mite waste and eggs besides other contaminants. I immediately threw away my pillow and started using the Purity Pillow. The first night I saw results!! Not only was it comfortable and give my head support but when I woke up the next day I was not stuffed up at all. I could breath freely. The Purity Pillow has changed my life and health. James M. River Forest, Illinois.




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