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Backed by the World's Leading Researchers

People from all walks of life and from around the world... have already discovered the incredible health benefits from taking NONI JUICE FROM TAHITI.

Just look, at some of the great things doctors are saying about NONI JUICE FROM TAHITI...

"My goal is to improve the health of many through the precious noni plant. There Are so many things that we are finding out about the Morinda Citrifolia plant the applications are going to be limitless."

---Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim PhD., Pharmacology

Some of the best Morinda citrifolia research was conducted at the
University of Hawaii by a Dr. Anne Hirazumi-Kim.  She demonstrated
that noni fruit juice has an antitumor effect in mice against a
human tumor cell line, Lewis Lung carcinoma.  She discovered that the
possible mechanism for this antitumor effect was through the immune
system.  Noni fruit juice stimulated the branch of the immune system
that destroyed tumor cells.  She further used isolated whole human
blood to determine if human immune cells would likewise be
stimulated.  In her laboratory experiments, they were stimulated.  As
you may see, any increased immune activity will be
of benefit to those with compromised immune systems, particularly those
withAIDS.  One thing to keep in mind is that this work has not yet
been extended to the clinical level and demonstrated in living
people in a controlledsetting.  Included below is the reference for three published studies
conducted by Dr. Hirazumi and an abstract for one of them.

*Hirazumi A, Furusawa E.=A0 An immunomodulatory polysaccharide-rich 
substance from the fruit juice of Morinda citrifolia (noni) with 
antitumour activity.  Phytother Res 1999 Aug;13(5):380-7.

Department of Pharmacology, John A., Burns School of Medicine,1960
East West Road, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA.

The fruit juice of Morinda citrifolia (noni) contains a
polysaccharide-rich substance (noni-ppt) with antitumour activity in
the  Lewis lung (LLC) peritoneal carcinomatosis model.
Therapeutic administration of noni-ppt significantly enhanced the duration of survival
of inbred syngeneic LLC tumour bearing mice.  It did not exert
significant  cytotoxic effects in an adapted culture of LLC cells,
LLC1, but could activate peritoneal exudate cells (PEC) to impart
profound toxicity when  co-cultured with the tumor cells. This
suggested the possibility that  noni-ppt may suppress tumour growth
through activation of the host immune  system.  Concomitant treatment
with the immunosuppressive agent,  2-chloroadenosine (C1-Ade) or
cyclosporin (cys-A) diminished its activity,  thereby substantiating
an immunomodulatory mechanism.  Noni-ppt was also capable of
stimulating the release of several mediators from
murine effector cells, including tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha),
interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta), IL-10, IL-12 p70, interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) and
nitric oxide (NO), but had no effect on IL-2 and suppressed IL-4 release.

Improved survival time and curative effects occurred when noni-ppt
was  combined with sub-optimal doses of the standard
chemotherapeutic agents, adriamycin (Adria), cisplatin (CDDP),
5-fluorouracil (5-FU), and  vincristine (VCR), suggesting important
clinical applications of noni-ppt as a supplemental agent in cancer
treatment.  *Immunomodulation contributes to the anticancer activity of morinda  citrifolia (noni) fruit juice.

Proc West Pharmacol Soc. 1996;39:7-9.

*Anticancer activity of Morinda citrifolia (noni) on a intraperitoneally  implanted Lewis lung carcinoma in syngeneic mice.
Proc West Pharmacol Soc.  1994;37:145-6.

"Out of all the food supplements I have studied and written about, Noni Juice from TAHITI has piqued my interest the most. I plan to continue studying it and writing about it because I believe it can help so many people in so many ways."

---Neil Solomon, M.D., PhD., Physiology


"Noni helps improve the entire spectrum of your health, not just a single problem.  Noni helps your body generate life force... and revives your body's natural ability to heal itself."

---Dr. Sam Kolodney


Mian-Ying Wang, M. D. - Research, UIC College of Medicine at Rockford, Dept. Biomedical Sciences

"By my own experiences and my own eyewitness, I can say with a certainty that noni is a miracle fruit."


Betty J. Carter, M.D. - Lutz, FL

"This is an exceptional product. I have found that it has helped many of my patients. I would recommend it to anyone."


Dr. Bryant Bloss

"Noni juice has been very effective for the majority of my patients. I offer it as a food supplement, Not as a drug, and most of them choose using it. Noni juice has improved not only my life, but the lives of many of my patients."


"Noni Juice contains compounds that work at the cellular level to actually increase the positive functionality of cells in the body."



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